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I definitely recommend Michael Bialys the DUI Man! It was my second DUI, and he got me a much better result than I expected. He was very helpful after the case went to court as well, which is something I really found honorable. I look forward to having him expunge this from my record!

First off, I would like to thank Michael Bialys for helping me throughout my case and getting the positive results I personally thought were impossible! Michael is a very knowledgeable attorney who knows the ins and outs of the court system. The day after I got my DUI, I called numerous lawyers to help me out for my long journey ahead with my case. Among all the attorneys I spoke to, Michael was the only person I truly felt comfortable with handling my case, and that says a lot, especially since we have only spoken over the phone and have not met. Michael was prompt in setting up an appointment to meet me, which was very convenient and as I gave him the lay down of what happened the night of my DUI, he gave me a cut and dry picture of what he believed was possible and impossible. Michael is an honest attorney, who does not beat around the bush just to make you feel better, but gives you options and plans out what he and I can do to achieve better results.

Michael took care of all my paperwork from the court, represented me with utmost professionalism, and basically stuck by me throughout my whole ordeal. In the end, he got my DUI down to a dry reckless, which is a non-alcohol related offense, a true blessing because it would have ruined my career in the military. Overall, I have learned from my experiences and could not have done it on my own without Michael. Again, thank you Michael and I highly recommend you.

Michael gave me personal attention from the very beginning, and it didn’t stop there. I believe he saved me countless dollars and time by dealing with legal issues that would have drowned me. He was able to turn what might have been a DUI (0.167 BAC) into a Wet Reckless charge by bringing into question the reason I was stopped. There is no way I could have done this on my own. His thorough advice and follow-through saved the day. On another note: Even more than one year after the charges were brought, Michael has always answered or promptly returned my calls when I had any questions. I have had some trouble paying off the remainder of my fines on time, and on occasion I have bumped into him at the courthouse/clerk’s office, where he always recognized me by name, and even took his own time to walk me through the steps of getting me extensions-even accompanying me into court to help speed matters through when I was behind on payments. If you need help like I did, I would strongly recommend the DUI Man, Mr. Bialys, for his knowledge and caring attention to your situation. Thanks Michael!

Michael is tough, reliable, honest and efficient! His staff is unbelievably helpful. I cannot say enough great things about him. I was facing a felony charge that Michael was able to get completely thrown out. I have and will continue to recommend the DUI Man!

Michael was able to get my case pled down even though the prosecutor seemed determined not to work with us at all. Michael was clear with what my options were and he made a difficult process as easy as it could be. I highly reccomend Michael Bialys.

Michael Bialys saved my family, job, and life. He was the answer to my prayers, and I can not thank him enough. He is a relaible, trustworthy and very knowledgeable lawyer. I highly recommend anyone who is in trouble with a DUI. He is the guy you can count on. He goes the extra mile many lawyers do not go. He is fair, honest and kind-hearted. Thank you, Attorney Michael Bialyas, you are a true blessing in our life.

Although the name DUI Man may seem gimick in nature, dont be fooled. He is very professional and perhaps the most accessable attorney ever known. Very concerning and knowledgable. Tough attorney and works the angles. Details a complete defense and game plan. Been with a couple attorney’s- he is very good. He lived 200 miles away and was here for all commitments.

Michael bialys is his name…. and i love him…. The first time i saw him, i was sitting in VN court facing what i would come to realize was the rudest judge i would ever have the displeasure to meet,…so, as sh– hit the fan, and a few weeks go by, I realize i didn’t do something i was supposed to do for court, and court is next day…. mind you this is 7.00pm night before court… So I call Michael as I remember I had his card, and I heard his repoir was quite good. He agreed to go to court tomorrow morning for me and told me to meet him at 10.00am… for a one time apprearance he said it would be 350.00 i said fine… anyway, he has been to numerous appearances w me, and has been such a help… he is terrific… and while i was there, he actually had other clients in the same room as me… he is very good and will always keep him in mind… if sh– were to ever hit the fan again.

Mr. Bialys gave me hope when, I had called numerous attorneys about my DUI. Those attorney’s turned me down, because they figure an out of state issue, such as the one I had. So, I luck up on Mr. Bialys. It was a Friday and once I had spoke to Mr. Bialys, my weekend was less stressful I would certainly refer anyone to him with a DUI issue, whether it happen last month, last week or several years ago, such as the issue I had. As they say in the military, “Michael Bialys, a job well done.

I received a call on 07/18/2008 from a Sam Johnson (901) 328-9339, He told me if I did not pay $925.00 by 07/19/2008 he was going to send papers to the Knox county court house for my arrest, he said I would be charged for felony fraud due to the amount was over $500.00, I told him to give me the company’s name he is with and he told me some bull-s**t name that’s for sure I tried to look it up and could not find a name of the company. So I contacted Michael Bialys my Los Angeles DUI lawyer, I gave him all the information he looked into it and said I had nothing to worry about I have not heard nothing from the guy ever since, Michael Bialys is the best attorney I have ever had, you can contact them 24/7 here is the website

Hi Michael, I just wanted to let you know that the D.O.J has notified me by letter that I am officially removed from registration as of October 18, 2010.
I want to thank you for all your help in making all this possible. I never would of known about such a remedy until I located your services 6 yrs. ago when I obtained the expungements and you informed me that it was the first step toward a cert. of rehabilitation. It is such a relief to be able to move forward with my life and never look back and I am happy especially for my wife and 2 kids. Thanks again.

After the position I had put myself into – Michael immediately put me at ease in what was at first, a very stressful situation I was in, before I had met him. I was very comfortable with Michael the minute I met him, and could understand and relate with him, more than any attorney I had spoken to about my case prior. And believe me, I spoke to many prior…

He kept me well informed from the very beginning to the ending of my case. He is an incredible fighter and strategic game planner, and also coached me on what I could do to better myself in my well being, that would only help me in the long run. I liked that he did this…
I believed in him and how we was trying to help me, along with helping my case. HE WAS RIGHT.

I would highly recommend Michael in so many ways, along with his helpful staff. He is a specialist at what he does, and lives up to his name as ”The DUI MAN“…

I recieved a felony DUI July 2013, and was facing 3 years in prison, a substantial amount in fines and the loss of my license. Mr. Bialys had my charges dropped down to misdimeanor DUI, time served no additional jail time, a greatly decreased fine and i was able to keep my license. I would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with this, he took the stress out of dealing with the DMV and courts. Thank you Mr. Bialys

Beyond a shadow of doubt the DUI man delivers. He delivers on his fair retainer fee and equitable payment plan. He then delivers himself to the DMV and to the courts on your behalf. He kept me well informed every step of the way. It was with his help and guidance that I was able to get a dry reckless charge after being arrested and facing a DUI. This was one of the best days of my life, all because of the DUI man. During this time I was making an employment application for a very important position. I was very concerned that these charges were going to interfere and keep me from the position. With Mr. Bialysis’s experience and guidance I secured the employment without repercussions from the arrest, thank you DUI man!

For months, the DA would not budge on giving me a DUI. Michael decided to play their bluff and say we are going to take it to trial. And it worked! Against all odds, I was able to plead down to a Wet and Reckless. He works with you and let me make payments. I made a horrible mistake a few months ago and I could have lost everything. I am very grateful to Michael and his team.

I was quite paranoid about leaving my name due to the fact that I have been trying to keep this from getting out but it was definitely well deserved. I’ve been Michael’s client for the past year and a couple months I would say and I would honestly say that I have never been in better hands. I’ve had lawyers before for minor family cases, both lawyers were good but Michael was different. Just speaking with him over the phone the man would literally make a connection off the back. His character both professional and a somewhat personal level felt totally real. I was caught in my car sleeping with alcohol in my system and arrested soon after with the Breath test leaving me at .08. By the time I got to the station I was at .12, I found out after I had hired Michael. When I first called Michael he didn’t offer me a win-win situation, type deal or any of that trash. He kept things simple as far as laying the case out in front of me and explaining all that had to be done from begining to end leaving every detail clear-cut and understandable. I didn’t have the full amount he was charging at the time but with Michael that didn’t matter. He let me pay him in monthly increments until I had the agreed upon price paid off in full; this is while he already started my case. Again, he never promised anything but when it came to making sure the case stood strong for me, I was confident in Michael’s abilities. He’s been truly courteous, and his clerks are the nicest people! My case took a lil over a year and in between Michael could be quite busy; however, he’s always responded back in a timely manner and has kept me informed in steady faith throughout the entire case. There were times I was a bit anxious down the road because this would have possibly ended or had a major effect on my career in the military, but Michael managed to do his work, aggressive with the courts, and organized the case working alongside his staff to where the results were unbelievable. My DUI case was dismissed! I was truly fortunate to have Michael represent me and I am truly confident that he will offer the same for everyone else. I definitely recommend Michael to all that are going through anything legal and I’d especially recommend him for DUI cases. I questioned it at first but, I could say THEDUIMAN and his staff are the best around at what they do. They’re amazing! I can’t express how thankful I am Michael, thanks for everything Sir!

This lawyer is the only lawyer who called me back to see how I was doing and kept me calm and was concerned about my situation . I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs a D.U.I. lawyer.

I am a 20 year old International student who was convicted with a DUI charge in spring Break. My license, cultural-reputation, immigration status, and visa renewals were at risk.

I was about to give up on my life-long dream of studying in UCLA to go back to my home country so my strict-muslim-parents wont know that i was drinking.
I thought my life in America has come to an end. Until one day, where i was fortunate enough to find THE DUI MANS Website. I remember filling out a form on his website with my contact information and surprisingly just a few minutes later i got a call…. not from his secretary, or a worker in his office… but himself.

He called me and asked how he can help me. After i told him my whole story, he gave me hope and faith that he will win this case, i remember hearing confidence and knowledge coming out of his words.

He took care of my DMV hearing, my courts and all other related work, that really helped me a lot because i was busy attending school and working all week, i have no time for any of that. Michael Bialys is an astonishing lawyer, He picks up his phone really fast, he would call back and check up on how i was doing. I didn’t feel like i was hiring a lawyer, but a close friend who cares about me.

After the court meeting michael called me, and told me “We won!”
i remember jumping up and down with joy and happiness.


Better result than expected. Very helpful after the case went to court as well. Which is something I really found honorable. I look forward to having him expunge this from my record.

Our family wants to sincerely thank you for helping us during this tough time. We all learned from this! You (Amy) and Michael have been great and I am glad that we chose your outstanding practice.

Law Offices of Michael Bialys,

From the bottom of my heart I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your office.

After receiving my second DUI, I was terrified about the consequences.

The day after getting out of jail, I reached out to your office and immediately everything was taken care of.

My experience  with your firm was nothing less than incredible.

Not only was directed to take certain steps, to better serve my case, I was blessed with becoming sober during the process.

Due to your talents, I was saved jail time, higher fines and Impounding.

I’m so incredibly grateful for everything you did.

Michael is awesome. He got my 16 month sentence dropped to 32 days on a fourth DUI. He was also able to get the DA to agree to drop the charge to a misdemeanor after I complete a DUI class. The office has payment plans and he answers his cell phone and text messages. I personally saw him grill the arresting office in court. He’s highly knowledgeable at what he does. I highly recommend and thank him very much! Thanks Michael!!!

The DUI Man

Defending DUI Charges in ALL California Counties

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