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All Ventura County DUI Lawyers Are Not Created Equal. Our DUI Dismissal Rate in California is Remarkable!

Ventura County’s DUI Prosecution is Amongst the Most Severe in the Country, Let the DUI Man Be Your Support in Court!

Ventura can be a difficult court to navigate even for the most seasoned attorneys. But, recent changes Ventura’s policies have allowed certain advantages for DUI defendants. It is our constant presence in this court  that allows us to leverage those changes and pass those advantages on to our clients. Knowing the nuances of any court is always puts us ahead of the game and we are very familiar with the nuances of the Ventura court and the system.

Ventura court is one fo the few counties that has formal probation as opposed to informal probation. Ventura has a strict policy of not offering wet reckless to DUI offenders. Even if there blood results are marginally over the legal limit.

Ventura court can be one of what of the most expensive courts in the county in terms of fines and payments to the probation. If you receive a formal probation you will be paying for probation. Our in depth experience may allow you to get out of formal probation early and stop making payments to the probation office. Saving you thousands of dollars.


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Nobody plans to get charged or arrested for a DUI, but if you were to be convicted of a DUI, it could have devastating long term effects on your life. To make matters worse, you have to contend with not one but two government entities…..both the courts and the DMV! Don’t leave your future in the hands of an attorney who doesn’t practice DUI defense specifically.

My firm, lawyers, and all of my associates are exceptionally experienced in the area of DUI Defense. As a veteran Ventura DUI attorney, I take pride in fighting for and achieving excellent results for our clients, while protecting their drivers license and their futures!

Your attorney’s experience with DUI, negotiation & litigation abilities, and reputation with California judges will DIRECTLY affect the outcome of your case.

My firm is dedicated to providing the best California DUI defense possible. I will fight hard to get you good results and I take pride in communicating with my clients and making them an active part of a very complicated system. I take very seriously the fact that your life is on the line.

I have always believed that we represent people. I know how difficult it can be to endure jail time, a criminal record, or even the loss of your driver’s license. I will use all of my experience to ensure that your rights are properly protected, both in the courtroom and at the DMV.

My guarantee to you is that I will work vigorously to protect your rights and get your DUI charges reduced or dropped like I have for thousands of others. I will also never mislead you regarding fees, unlike some DUI lawyer scams. You can call THE DUI MAN and speak with me directly for your free consultation and quote!

It’s very simple: If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist…if you have a heart condition, you go to a heart specialist…and if you have a DUI in California, you call THE DUI MAN!

Call the DUI MAN directly at (888) 384-1489 for a free consultation. I will protect your future.

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The DUI Man

Defending DUI Charges in ALL California Counties

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Free Consultation 24/7 With Our DUI Attorney